About us

The brand

Eryx is a French fitness equipments brand for physical training and cross-training.

Our values

We firmly believe that functional training is one of the pillars of a healthy and fulfilling life.

Your goal, whether it’s physical preparation for an operational job or a sport, or daily training to improve your health, is our priority.

We are therefore committed to offering products for intense use, which will last over time and meet your expectations.

In this context, it is also important for us to consider you. We are listening to you for any specific request, opinion on a product or new product idea.

Our products

The first range of products on offer is a so-called ‘tactical’ range.

See the tactical range

It is aimed mainly at tactical athletes (military, police, firefighters, etc.). It will allow them a full bodyweight and weight training without having access to a gym.

It may also interest individuals who practice combat sports, cross-training, etc. and who wish to train at home, outdoors or on the go.

Finally, gyms as well as sports clubs and federations can also consider this type of equipment to equip their cross-training space.


The tactical range is just the beginning and Eryx intends to grow to offer you more products.

If you have any ideas for fitness and cross-training equipment that we could develop, you can contact us at contact@eryxfitness.com.