What is the tactical range ?

The tactical range is a range of products for physical training. It was designed to provide a full training, anytime and anywhere, for tactical athletes such as military, firefighters, police officers, etc. who do not always have access to a gym.

It is therefore complete, minimalist, transportable and adapted.

It will also be very suitable for individuals who practice cross-training, combat sports or obstacle races and wish to train at home or outdoors.


Adjustable Kettlebell from 12 to 32kg

The Eryx® adjustable kettlebell allows for a progressive weight training, without having access to a gym. This weight training will perfectly complement your bodyweight training : swings, presses, get-ups…

It also allows you to practice weighted major bodyweight exercises, such as dips, pull-ups and muscle-ups. The adjustable kettlebell gives you the opportunity to train in a complete way, wherever you are.


Climbing rope with specific hooking system

Access to a rope can be compromised. The Eryx® 3 meters climbing rope benefits from a specific hooking system to be attached to any pull-up bar. This product therefore allows a specific grip and pull training wherever you are.

The rope is part of many military or firefighters tests. It is highly valued for the arms, shoulders, back and grip development that it allows.


Gymnastics rings

Gymnastics rings have no equivalent for upper body strength training. They can be fixed anywhere (tree, pull-up bar…) and allow the realization of basic exercises such as dips and muscle-ups.

The Eryx® gymnastics rings have a diameter of 28mm. The provided 38mm wide and 4m75 long straps are equipped with robust and easy-to-use tightening buckles. The straps also display graduations that allow for quick adjustment.


Suspension trainer

The suspension trainer is a must for minimalist physical training. The Eryx® suspension trainer is particularly interesting for core training and for incorporating pull-movements into bodyweight training. It is highly valued for its functionality.

Light and modest in size, you can take it anywhere with you. The different hooking systems allow the strap to be attached to any support : bar, pole, tree, door, etc. So you can use it wherever you are.