Adjustable Macebell 6-30kg OneMace®


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The 6 advantages of the OneMace® adjustable macebell

21 macebells in 1 : adjustable from 6 to 30kg in 1kg increments (except 7kg, 9kg, 11kg and 29kg), you save space and money

Quick weight adjustment : less than a minute

No risk of opening : a threaded rod welded into the body of the macebell secures everything in place.

Optimal grip : the handle is knurled along part of its length

Adjustment tools supplied : two adjustment wrenches

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Training with macebell can bring significant benefits to your sporting ability and your physical and mental health. However, acquiring a complete set of macebells can quickly become expensive and requires adequate storage space.

OneMace®, our adjustable macebell from 6 to 30kg, is the ideal solution for macelifters who don’t have the budget or space to equip themselves with several macebells. 21 macebells in 1 to save space and money.


The main advantage of OneMace® is that it saves storage space. If you live in an apartment where you can’t afford several macebells of different weights, the OneMace® is the perfect solution.


A basic set with 2 or 3 macebells often costs between 200 and 300 euros, depending on the brand. For a complete set with intermediate weights, you’ll need to reckon with several hundred euros, or even over 1,000 euros depending on the brand. With the OneMace®, for the price of a basic set you get 21 macebells, ranging from 6 to 30kg in 1kg increments (except 7kg, 9kg, 11kg and 29kg).


Are you going on vacation or want to train outdoors? The OneMace® fits perfectly in a car boot, so you can train anywhere, anytime.


Unlike most adjustable macebells on the market, the OneMace® is shaped like a real macebell, with a 4cm diameter handle and round head. Set-up time may be a little longer than on other models, but in return you get a highly ergonomic and totally safe macebell.

Additional information
Weight 31 kg
Total length (handle + head)


Handle length


Handle diameter


Head diameter


Head height



liquid paint

Weight plates (supplied)

2kg x 3
3kg x 2
4kg x 2

Adjustment tools

2 keys supplied

Adjustment time

about 1 minute

Weight options

adjustable from 6 to 30kg in 1kg increments (except 7kg, 9kg, 11kg and 29kg)

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Frequently asked questions


Q: Where is the company located?

A: We are located in France.

Q : Which countries do you ship to?

A: We ship to most European Union countries.

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: For mainland France, delivery generally takes 2-3 working days from the day of dispatch. For the rest of Europe, delivery times depend on the country, but average 9-10 working days.

Q : How is the adjustable macebell shipped?

A: For most countries, the macebell is shipped in a single package. For others, it is shipped in 2 packages (a first package with the empty macebell, and a second package with the weights). This organization allows us to keep shipping costs to a maximum of 30kg per parcel.

Q : Do you ship every day?

A: Yes, we ship every day.

Q: Are adjustment tools and weight discs supplied?

A: Yes, keys and disks are supplied.

Q: Do you offer several payment methods?

A: Payment is available by credit card and PayPal.

Q : Can I pay in instalments?

A: Payment in x4 free of charge is available by credit card and PayPal.

Q: Do the discs move inside?

A: The discs are locked by a nut on the inside, so they won't move during use.

Q: Can I use the macebell safely, especially for ballistic movements?

A: The threaded rod is screwed about 2cm into the upper body of the macebell, then welded. There's no risk of the macebell opening during use, even for ballistic exercises.

Q: Will the paint fade?

A: Unfortunately, yes, the paint will fade. Mainly at the base of the macebell when you place it on the ground.

Q: When I adjust the weight, won't the center of gravity always be centered?

A: In fact, the center of gravity will not always be in the same place, depending on the discs you've inserted. But quite honestly, you'll hardly feel the difference (if at all).