Adjustable Kettlebell 12-32kg


The Eryx® adjustable kettlebell gives you the opportunity to train in a complete way, wherever you are.

It’s available in two different versions :

  • Matt painting with metal handle
  • Powder coating with covered handle

The grip is similar for both coatings. The choice of one or the other will therefore depend on the preferences of each.


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The kettlebell or gyria, coming from Russia, is a flat-bottomed cast iron or steel weight with a handle. Historically, giryas would be cannonballs with handles added to make them more practical to handle.

It is the tool used in the Girevoy Sport, declared Russian ethnic sport in 1974. Practitioners use three different weights : 16kg, 24kg and 32kg, on three types of movements : the jerk, the snatch and the clean & jerk (or long cycle).

But the kettlebell has become popular and its use has gone far beyond the borders of Girevoy Sport. It is now used for the physical preparation of top athletes, in sports such as CrossFit as well as in the armed forces.

It is particularly appreciated for its hardiness, functionality and the complete work it allows.



The Eryx® adjustable kettlebell allows for a progressive weight training, without having access to a gym. This weight training will perfectly complement your bodyweight training : swings, presses, get-ups… It also allows you to practice weighted major bodyweight exercises, such as dips, pull-ups and muscle-ups.

The adjustable kettlebell gives you the opportunity to train in a complet way, wherever you are.



Kettlebells are made of steel and are not processed. The handles will inevitably rust over time. Sometimes even new kettlebells can have a little rust as soon as they come out of the box.

Don’t be worried, that’s normal. You can very easily remove rust points with a light sanding or metal brush.

Whether or not you decide to remove it, be aware that rust does not interfere with the use of kettlebell. It is even appreciated by a certain number of advanced practitioners because it adds an “anti-slip” side to the handle and allows better retention of chalk.

If you want to avoid rust as much as possible, it is recommended to dry the handle with a towel after each use and to store your kettlebell inside and in a dry place besides your workouts.

The paint will also be damaged over time, due to repeated small shocks against the ground or another kettlebell when working with two. On this point, there is nothing to do except limit the shocks as much as possible.

Please note that :

  • we do not replace rusty kettlebells (new or used)
  • we do not replace kettlebells with damaged paint as a result of your use

Either way, wear and tear is an integral part of the “kettlebell spirit.” It is gratifying to see his kettlebell skate over time, following your regular workouts. This is the principle of the tool: rustic, simple, effective. An “old-school” tool.

Additional information
Weight 32 kg

Matt painting / Metal handle, Powder coating / Covered handle


COMPETITION STYLE (Girevoy Sport standards)
Height : 280mm
Body diameter : 210mm
Handle diameter : 35mm


Kettlebell : machined moulded steel
Plates : iron cast


Empty : 12kg
Full : 32kg
Intermediate weights : all weights from 12 to 32 per 1kg increase (except 13kg and 31kg)


3x2kg, 2x3kg, 2x4kg

Adjustment tools

Provided (2 keys)

Adjustment time

About 1 minute

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1 review for Adjustable Kettlebell 12-32kg

  1. Siyar Kisin (verified owner)

    This is a great solution for me because I train at home and have limited space available. I also appreciate the fact that you can shift in 1 KG increments with this kettlebell, while regular kettlebells are usually available in 4 KG increments. This helps more with the progressive overload in strength training. Overall it’s a great kettlebell, with a smooth handle.


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